Welcome to the Villa Magdalena



The building of Villa Magdalena has served as a place of relaxation, meeting and entertainment for almost three hundred years. It once served as a city spa for the inhabitants of Kutná Hora. Today, it offers luxurious and stylish accommodation in four extra large apartments. The owner, Magdalena, seamlessly wove together the magic of history with the comfort of the present to create an oasis of peace and quiet.

The Villa and its garden have its own special charm and positive spirit, which will ensconce you upon arrival. Soothingly located away from the hustle-bustle of the city, yet conveniently located in close proximity to the main historical monuments and attractions, the Villa makes the perfectly balanced stay. The interior was designed marrying the historical charm of the property with the modern comfort of the present. Each of the apartments, named after the four main churches of Kutná Hora, has its own unique design.


While house-hunting for a weekend getaway, Magdalena serendipitously discovered the Villa in 2012. Originally, she was looking for a house for herself, away from the big city, for rest and relaxation before a busy week. Enchanted by the former town spa, she decided to use this opportunity to transform this building,connecting the old with the new to design a cozy place where guests could be warmly welcomed. 

"When I first saw the house, it was in a rather dismal condition. But I was undeterred by the damp plaster and cracked beams and instead sensed something special. The spirit of this place enraptured me, the atmosphere of the house beckoned me, the walls in which reside centuries of fates of its inhabitants and visitors have touched my heart... Thus, I bought the house and began the process of fulfilling my dream of creating a place that will not only be functional, but is also beautiful and provides safe haven to all whose paths cross Villa Magdalena. I am passionate to ensure each guest is happy and experiences a sense of well-being, coziness, high spirits and comfort here."


Pirkner Square is central to the hospital district since the Middle Ages. Baroque house of Villa Magdalena was built in 1728. However, it was not part of the hospital district per se, but had a much more appealing function serving as a centre for mirth and social rejuvenation. Because the city could not have any wells due to its massive mining activity, water was drawn into the city via a network of pipelines, and instead city fountains were used. Therefore, people used the city spa to bathe in and the burghers of Kutná Hora regularly met here for relaxation and bath in the town spa. In later years, it was used for housing and gradually fell into disrepair, until...

In the years 2014-2016, the house underwent a complete renovation. The exposure of the supporting structures was rather disappointing: moisture seeped in everywhere, cracked beams, rotten truss, and crumbling walls. The re-establishment and renovation of the main framework of the building was a task in itself. The transformation of the crumbling house into its current form was a real challenge for the architect, builders and the owner. Thanks to the mutual cooperation and unrelenting enthusiasm, however, the idea of combining the uniqueness of cultural heritage with modern design was finally birthed to life. The door of Villa Magdalena reopened to the first visitors in the summer of 2017. And the building has once again become a place of relaxation and well-being.

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